Harry Potter: The 10 Most Evil Ravenclaw Characters (2023)

Warning: This article contains discussions of sexual assault

Ravenclaw is home to some of Hogwarts’ kindest individuals, with the often overlooked school house giving birth to many of the Wizarding World’s wisest characters. Underneath their seemingly caring nature lies inner darkness, however, with a more sinister side waiting to emerge.

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These more devious members of Ravenclaw possess a more villainous streak, as they engage in some particularly shady behavior. The usually good-natured Hogwarts house has featured some especially mean witches and wizards within its ranks, who stand as prime examples of Ravenclaw’s darker potential.


Marietta Edgecombe

Harry Potter: The 10 Most Evil Ravenclaw Characters (1)

As the best friend of Harry’s first love interest, Cho Chang, Marietta Edgecombe is an essential character in theHarry Potterbooks. However, Cho’s seemingly friendly and supportive buddy harbors a more deceitful aspect toher personality, as she assists the despicable Professor Umbridge in bringing Dumbledore’s Army down (despite Cho being an avid member of the covertschool organization).

Marietta betrays her friend’s trust, as she provides Umbridge with valuable intel regarding Dumbledore’s Army’s base of operations. Her sly and manipulative move comes following her decision to spend six months as a member of Harry’s secret club, and nearly results in Cho’s expulsion. Additionally, Marietta displays a hateful disdain towards The Boy Who Lived, opting not only to cruelly laugh at the poor teen's nervous attempts to ask Cho to the Yule Ball but also refusing to believe his truthful claims that the Dark Lord has returned.

Sybil Trelawney

Harry Potter: The 10 Most Evil Ravenclaw Characters (2)

Acting as Hogwarts’ Divination professor, Sybil Trelawney is a wonderfully eccentric figure within the Wizarding school. With her ability to see into the future, the aloof Ravenclawhas made several predictions that have come to fruition, including Harry’s eventual fate. However, Trelawney’s teaching methods are somewhat questionable as they reveal a darker side to the Hogwarts professor.

Among Sybil’s many controversial procedures are her cold and calculating manipulation of the school students to achieve her own ends, and taking advantage of their greatest fears for her doom-laden predictions. Her most callous behavior, however, sees Trelawney prophesize the deaths of many of her students and take great joy in the reactions.

Eddie Carmichael

Harry Potter: The 10 Most Evil Ravenclaw Characters (3)

With nine “outstanding” O.W.L. grades under his belt, Eddie Carmichael is one of Ravenclaw’s brightest students. The fiercely intelligent school pupil is also one of Hogwarts’ most conniving individuals, with Eddie attempting to conthe educational institution’s younger pupils into buying a potion he claims helped him succeed.

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Eddie purposefully misleads these innocent students into believing the Baruffio’s Brain Elixir increased his brainpower while possessing the knowledge that the potion actually carries a serious health risk to those who consume its contents. Eddie’s wicked act sees him deliberately place the students’ lives in danger, painting the heartless young teen as one of Ravenclaw’s most malevolent members.

Helena Ravenclaw

Harry Potter: The 10 Most Evil Ravenclaw Characters (4)

As the daughter of Rowena Ravenclaw, Helena is a particularly important individual within theHarry Potterseries. The knowledgable young woman continues to be a major presence within Hogwarts beyond her death, as she haunts the school grounds. However, it's her actions before her unfortunate demise which mark Helena as one of Ravenclaw’s most wicked individuals.

Rowena’s daughter demonstrates a selfish attitude towards her mother,as her jealousy towards Rowena’s immense popularity sees her steal her iconic diadem in a move that many Harry Potter fans consider to be an especially dumb moment.Helena’s most reprehensible decision comes as her mother falls gravely ill, however, with the self-obsessed Ravenclaw refusing to visit Rowena on her death bed. Helena callously ignores her dying mother’s wish to see her daughter one last time, reflecting a more heartless side to the usually warm and welcoming Hogwarts house.

Bezoar Boy

Harry Potter: The 10 Most Evil Ravenclaw Characters (5)

Appearing within theHarry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stonevideogame, Bezoar Boy is an especially quirky presence within the gaming venture, with the young lad said to keep a bezoar stonein his pocket. The Ravenclaw student also displays a meaner aspect to his character, however, as he throws several nasty insults towards various witches and wizards featured within the game.

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This student’s many unpleasant remarksinclude his churlish description of Snape as a man who “always looks like he smells something bad,” and his snide mockery of Professor Quirrell’s fear of the light. Perhaps his most atrocious comments, however, are his cruel jibes regardingHermione’s terrifyingencounter with the troll in the girl’s restroom, which could have potentially led to the Muggle-born wizard’s unfortunate demise.

Gilderoy Lockhart

Harry Potter: The 10 Most Evil Ravenclaw Characters (6)

With countless books under his name, Gilderoy Lockhart is one of the most prolific Ravenclaws within the Wizarding World. Lockhart’s published works are a front for a more deceitful figure, however, with the seemingly experienced explorer having shamelessly taken the credit for the brave actions of others he has encountered on his globe-trotting adventures.

Among the wizard’s most outrageous lies are his claims that he banished a banshee and single-handedly defeated the Wagga Wagga Werewolf, despite these remarkable feats having actually been achieved by other talented wizards and warlocks. Lockhart’s scandalous behavior sees the slimy individual wipe the minds of the real heroes to maintain his deception, confirming him as Hogwarts’ worst professor.

Laverne De Montmorency

Harry Potter: The 10 Most Evil Ravenclaw Characters (7)

Born in the 19th Century, Laverne De Montmorency is one of the Wizarding community’s most accomplished potions masters. The exceedingly clever Ravenclaw’s expert potions knowledge sees her craft one of the franchise’s most morally dubious concoctions, as she invents the world’s first love potions (which coerce the user into becoming romantically besotted with the potion’s brewer).


Laverne’s deeply questionable creations are shown to be highly dangerous tonics throughout the series, as their powerful nature forces Ron to become infatuated with Romilda Vane against his free will. Additionally,Merope Gaunt usesthese love potions to win the affections of Tom Riddle Snr, which leads to the pair conceiving a child while Tom isunder the potion’s spell, in astriking show of how dangerous these potions can be.

Professor Quirrell

Harry Potter: The 10 Most Evil Ravenclaw Characters (8)

Acting as Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher during Harry’s first year, Professor Quirrell is an especially skilled member of the Wizarding World. While this Ravenclaw may appear a shy and nervous individual on the surface, underneath this more timid exterior lies a more sinister edge to the Hogwarts professor.

Professor Quirrell hides a deep and dark secret beneath his signature turban, as he harbors Voldemort’s face on the back of his head. The seemingly quiet and unassuming Ravenclaw plays a key role in Voldemort’s eventual return to power, with Quirrell agreeing to carry the Dark Lord’s soul within his body. During his time as Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher, he commits several heinous acts, including jinxing Harry’s broom and allowing the troll into the girl’s restroom, resulting in many fans believing the professor to be Hogwarts’ worst teacher.

Brennan Doyle

Harry Potter: The 10 Most Evil Ravenclaw Characters (9)

Appearing within the mobile gameHarry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery,Brennan Doyle proves to be an especially gifted Quidditch player, fulfilling the role of “Keeper” within the Ravenclaw team. His strong enthusiasm for the popular sporting game also reveals a decidedly nasty side to the Hogwarts student, however, as he attacks his replacement Keeper, Andre Egwu, following his demotion to substitute Keeper.

Brennan’sviolent outburst provides one of Ravenclaw’s most shocking moments, withthe bitter young lad hitting his replacement with theConjunctivitis Curse. His unforgivable actions causes Andre to temporarily lose his vision, which resultsin thenew Quidditch Keeper falling from his broom (marking this as one of Ravenclaw’s most wicked acts).

Xenophilious Lovegood

Harry Potter: The 10 Most Evil Ravenclaw Characters (10)

As the father to Luna Lovegood, Xenophilious is one of the Wizarding World’s most eccentric individuals. His quirky tabloid paper “The Quibbler” delivers a more unconventional take on the magical community, representing his unusualfamily’s strong passion for conspiracies. Outside of his strange behavior, Xenophilious also holds a darker streak, as the Ravenclaw oddball proves a valuable ally for the Death Eaters.

Harry and his friends arrive at Xenophilious’s household in good faith during the events ofHarry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1,as Luna’s father agrees to offer them information on the Deathly Hallows. This is later revealed to be a trap, however, as Xenophilious betrays the noble trio to the Death Eaters, in exchange for his daughter’s safe return from Azkaban. Xenophilious’s treacherous behavior nearlyresults inThe Boy Who Lived and his trusted companions’ capture byVoldemort’s most devoted followers, making the Quibbler editor’s actions one of Ravenclaw’s most despicable deeds.

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